Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

Preface to the Second Edition

Part I. Your Child's Sleep

Chapter 1. At the End of Your Rope

Chapter 2. What We Know About Sleep

Chapter 3. Helping Your Child Develop Good Sleep Practices

Part II. The Sleepless Child

Chapter 4. Sleep Associations: A Key Problem

Chapter 5. The Problem of Limit Setting

Chapter 6. Feedings During the Night: Another Major Cause of Trouble

Chapter 7. Nighttime Fears

Chapter 8. Colic and Other Medical Causes of Poor Sleep

Part III. Schedules and Sleep Rhythm Disturbances

Chapter 9. Schedules and Rhythms

Chapter 10. Schedule Disorders I: Sleep Phase Problems

Chapter 11. Schedule Disorders II: Other Common Schedule Problems

Chapter 12. Naps

Part IV. Interruptions During Sleep

Chapter 13. Partial Wakings: Sleep Talking, Sleepwalking, Confusional Arousals, and Sleep Terrors

Chapter 14. Nightmares

Chapter 15. Bedwetting

Chapter 16. Head Banging, Body Rocking, and Head Rolling

Part V. The Sleepy Child

Chapter 17. Noisy Breathing, Snoring, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Chapter 18. Narcolepsy and Other Causes of Sleepiness

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