How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

30th Anniversary

Another decade has flown by. An updated edition of How to Talk . . . is being readied to go to press. Our editor asks if there’s anything we’d like to add for today’s parents.

Elaine has an idea. “Let’s ask Joanna.”

“My Joanna? . . . Why?”

“Because, Adele, she’s grown up in your home. Everything that took us so long to learn is as natural to her as breathing.”


“So she’s the next generation. She’s been putting her skills into action as a teacher, as a parent, as a speaker, and as a workshop leader who’s been running our group workshop programs for years now. She’s right there on the front lines of the parent-child battles. I think our readers would love to hear about her experiences and discoveries.”

“Are you saying we should ask her if she’d be willing to add her perspective to this new edition?”

“It would be a loss if we didn’t.”

When I broached the idea to Joanna, she barely hesitated. “How soon do you need it?” she asked.

The following pages are hers.