Computational Psychiatry: A Systems Biology Approach to the Epigenetics of Mental Disorders 1st ed.

1. Consciousness, Crosstalk, and the Mereological Fallacy

2. Cultural Epigenetics: On the Missing Heritability of Complex Diseases

3. Western Atomism and Its Culture-Bound Syndromes

4. Environmental Induction of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

5. Sleep, Psychopathology, and Culture

6. Embodied Cognition and Its Disorders

7. Tools for the Future: Hidden Symmetries

8. Psychopathologies of Automata I: Autonomous Vehicle Systems

9. Psychopathologies of Automata II: Autonomous Weapons and Centaur Systems

10. The Dynamics of Environmental Insult

11. Social Psychopathology: Military Doctrine and the Madness of Crowds

12. Mathematical Appendix