Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis: In Medicine, Dentistry, and Psychology, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1. History of Hypnosis

Chapter 2.Phenomena of Suggestion and Hypnosis

Chapter 3. Theories on Hypnosis

Chapter 4. Misconceptions About Hypnosis

Chapter 5.Suggestibility Tests

Chapter 6.Factors That Influence Susceptibility to Hypnosis

Chapter 7. Laws of Suggestion

Chapter 8. Recognition of the Depth of the Hypnotic State

Chapter 9. Clinical Observations and Management of Various Depths of Hypnosis

Chapter 10. Hindrances to Hypnotic Induction

Chapter 11. Practical Hints for Hypnotic Induction

Chapter 12. Preinduction Talk

Chapter 13. Authoritarian or Direct Technics of Hypnosis

Chapter 14. Permissive or Indirect Technics

Chapter 15.Deepening Technics

Chapter 16.Autohypnosis

Chapter 17. Autogenic Training

Chapter 18.Group Hypnosis

Chapter 19.Antisocial Aspects of Hypnosis

Chapter 20. Dangers from Hypnosis

Chapter 21.Precautions in the Use of Hypnosis

Chapter 22.Precautions in Dehypnotization

Chapter 23.Medical Training, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Hypnosis

Chapter 24.Religious Attitudes: Comparative Evaluation With Hypnosis

Chapter 25.Magic, Spiritualistic Faith-Healing, and Hypnosis

Chapter 26. The Dynamics of Faith, Placebo Effect, and Hypnosis

Chapter 27.Biofeedback, Meditation, and Altered States of Consciousness

Chapter 28. Neurophysiologic Mechanisms in Mediation of Emotions at Nonhypnotic and Hypnotic Levels

Chapter 29. Psychophysiologic Mechanisms in the Production of Hypnotic Phenomena: Relation to Belief and Conviction

Chapter 30. Relationship of Semantics, Communication, and Perception to Hypnosis

Chapter 31. Learning Theory, Hypnosis, Behavior Modification, and Imagery Conditioning

Chapter 32.Some Relationships of the Physical and Behavioral Sciences to Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Chapter 33. Hypnosis in Internal Medicine

Chapter 34. Hypnosis in Surgery and Anesthesiology

Chapter 35. Pain, Acupuncture, and Hypnosis

Chapter 36.Hypnosis in Obstetrics

Chapter 37. Hypnosis in Gynecology

Chapter 38.Hypnosis in Dermatology

Chapter 39.Hypnotherapy in Physical Rehabilitation of Neuromuscular Disorders

Chapter 40.Hypnosis in Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, and Rhinology

Chapter 41. Hypnosis in Genitourinary Conditions

Chapter 42.Hypnosis in Oncology

Chapter 43.Hypnosis in Pediatrics

Chapter 44.Hypnosis in Orthopedics

Chapter 45.Hypnosis in the Removal of Habit Patterns

Chapter 46.Hypnodontics: Hypnosis in Dentistry

Chapter 47.Miscellaneous Indications for Hypnosis

Chapter 48.Practical Hints in Hypnodiagnosis

Chapter 49.Practical Hints in Hypnotherapy

Chapter 50.Specialized Hypnotic Technics

Chapter 51.Comparative Evaluation and Criticisms of Hypnotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Chapter 52.Failures in Hypnotherapy

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