Adult Chest Surgery


Adult Chest Surgery was conceived in late 2002 as a comprehensive, yet practical guide for the modern practice of general thoracic surgery. The contributors to this volume represent several generations of internationally recognized surgical innovators and leading medical experts in thoracic oncology and pulmonary disease. These thought leaders trained or currently practice in centers of surgical excellence that participated in the rise of the thoracic discipline in the 1980s. We are indebted to these individuals and especially their mentors, who sustained and nurtured general thoracic surgical education and training through tenuous and difficult times. 

The book describes current techniques and surgical principles for the most common thoracic surgical problems encountered in the clinic and the operating room, along with more than 600 detailed illustrations of surgical procedures and pearls of wisdom from experienced clinicians. It is intended to be useful for residents preparing to do an operation, surgeons looking for management tips, surgeon specialists preparing for board recertification, and anyone else who desires a comprehensive description of the clinical nature of general thoracic surgery. 

Ann Adams, provided peerless editorial and organizational expertise, shepherding the project from conception to reality by cajoling the contributors at every step and serving as the glue that transformed the raw chapters into a cohesive book. The outstanding illustrations were created by Marcia Williams and reveal her exceptional artistic talent and grasp of the surgical concepts depicted in this volume. 

I and my associate editors also wish to acknowledge our spouses Linda Sugarbaker, Kate Poverman, Diane Krasna, and Barbara Smith who put up with our hectic schedules; our parents Geneva V. and Everett D. Sugarbaker; Rachel and David Bueno; Anne and Irwin Krasna; Loy and James Mentzer; Spyridon and Lillian Zellos who inspired and supported us in our educational pursuits; our partners, trainees, and colleagues who carry the field forward; and our patients who put their trust and hope in our hands. 

Finally, we dedicate this volume to John A. Mannick, the chair of surgery, who in 1986 and 1987 had the wisdom and vision to induce the genesis of the Division of General Thoracic Surgery at the Brigham and Women's Hospital.

David J. Sugarbaker
Raphael Bueno
Mark J. Krasna
Steven J. Mentzer
Lambros Zellos




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