Resident Readiness General Surgery 1st Ed.



How to Read this Book

General Advice

A 28-year-old Female Incoming Surgery Resident

How to Write a Note—Fast!


A 56-year-old Female Status Post Motor Vehicle Accident

A 40-year-old Female With Abdominal Pain

A 42-year-old Man With Severe Right Upper Quadrant Pain

A 23-year-old Student With Periumbilical Pain That Has Migrated to Her RLQ

A 65-year-old Female in Severe Abdominal Pain

A Patient in the ER With a Blood Pressure of 60/–and a Heart Rate of 140

A 67-year-old Man With Mental Status Changes and a Suspected Diverticular Abscess

A 57-year-old Man With a Chief Complaint of Nausea and Vomiting

A 65-year-old Man Status Post Surgery With a HCT of 24%

A 70-year-old Man With “Bad Blood”

A 37-year-old Man With a Painful Bulge Over His Left Forearm

Three Patients All Present With Issues Related to Laboratory Tests

A 73-year-old Man With Acute Right Lower Extremity Pain

A 36-year-old Woman Status Post Motor Vehicle Accident While Intoxicated

A 50-year-old Man Presenting With Extensive Burns

A 56-year-old Man 6 Days Status Post Colectomy With New Pelvic Discomfort

A 75-year-old Man With Postoperative Pain

A 72-year-old Man With Acute Confusion Postoperatively

You (the Intern) Are Asked to Read a Chest X-ray

A 65-year-old Woman in Respiratory Distress

A Patient Who Is Postoperative Day 2 With New-onset Chest Pain

A 65-year-old Woman With a New-onset Cardiac Arrhythmia

A 60-year-old Man in the PACU With New-onset PVCs

A 65-year-old Man With Bradycardia

A 65-year-old Man With a Pacemaker Who Needs Surgery

A Patient With Pulseless Electrical Activity

A 55-year-old Man Who May Require Perioperative β-blockade

A 65-year-old Man Who Is in Respiratory Distress 3 Days Postoperatively

A 68-year-old Man With Postoperative Hypotension

A 57-year-old Man Who Is Postoperative With a Blood Pressure of 210/95

A 65-year-old Female Who Is 4 Days Postoperative With Nausea, Vomiting, and a Distended Abdomen

A 30-year-old Woman With Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting

A 79-year-old Man, Postoperative Day 3, Who has Not had a Bowel Movement in 4 Days

A 70-year-old Postoperative Colectomy Patient Who Is Not Putting Out Much Urine

A 55-year-old Male With Postoperative Urinary Retention

A 52-year-old Female Who Is Dehydrated Postoperative Day #1

A 68-year-old Woman With Electrolyte Abnormalities

A 58-year-old Man With a Postoperative Fever

A 42-year-old Woman 4 Hours Postoperative With a Fever and Extreme Pain

A 35-year-old Man With Crohn Disease Who Needs Postoperative Orders

A 65-year-old Man With Diabetes Needing Postoperative Orders

A 65-year-old Female Presenting for Preoperative Evaluation

A 33-year-old Woman Who Needs Postoperative Orders for DVT Prophylaxis

A 78-year-old Woman and a 62-year-old Man With Drains

A 58-year-old Woman Who had a Drain Pulled by the Resident in Error

A Resident Who Is Unsure About How to Remove a Chest Tube

A Surgical Intern in a Moral Dilemma

A 35-year-old Man Who Is Disruptive on the Floor

Ambulatory Care and the Surgery Intern

A 55-year-old Man Who Was Struck by a Beer Truck and Needs a CT Scan

A 60-year-old Man With Postoperative Wound Complications

A 35-year-old Woman Who Needs a Lipoma Removed in Clinic

A 52-year-old Woman With a Suspected Congenital Coagulopathy


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