Master Techniques in Surgery: Thoracic Surgery: Transplantation, Tracheal Resections, Mediastinal Tumors, Extended Thoracic Resections, 1 Ed.

Chapter 1. Lung Harvest/Techniques

Chapter 2. Single Lung Transplantation

Chapter 3. Double Lung Transplant

Chapter 4. Heart and Lung En Bloc Transplantation

Chapter 5. ECMO and Lung Transplantation

Chapter 6. Lung Volume Reduction: Transsternal

Chapter 7. Lung Volume Reduction: VATS

Chapter 8. Monaldi Procedure

Chapter 9. Cavernostomy (Aspergilloma)

Chapter 10. Chest Wall/Pleural Space/Diaphragm: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome—Supraclavicular Thoracic Outlet Decompression

Chapter 11. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Requiring Vascular Reconstruction: Vein, Artery

Chapter 12. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Transaxillary Approach

Chapter 13. Pectus Excavatum: The Nuss Repair

Chapter 14. Pectus Repair—Ravitch

Chapter 15. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Chest Wall Fractures

Chapter 16. Chest Wall Resection/Reconstruction for Tumors

Chapter 17. Sternal Resection/Reconstruction

Chapter 18. Plication/Thoracotomy/VATS

Chapter 19. Laparoscopic Diaphragmatic Plication

Chapter 20. Diaphragmatic Pacing

Chapter 21. Decortication: Thoracotomy and VATS

Chapter 22. Pleurodesis, Indwelling Pleural Catheters

Chapter 23. Eloesser Flap and Clagett Procedures

Chapter 24. Thoracic Duct Ligation

Chapter 25. Thoracic Sympathectomy

Chapter 26. Robotic Resection: Thymus

Chapter 27. Transcervical Thymectomy

Chapter 28. Transsternal Thymectomy for Invasive Thymoma and Thymic Carcinoma

Chapter 29. Posterior Neurogenic Tumors VATS/Open

Chapter 30. Dumbbell Neurogenic

Chapter 31. Release Maneuvers: Suprahyoid Laryngeal Release

Chapter 32. Release Maneuvers: Pericardial Release

Chapter 33. T-Tube

Chapter 34. Tracheal Dilation

Chapter 35. Tracheal Resection

Chapter 36. Laryngotracheal Resection

Chapter 37. Pediatric Laryngotracheal Resection and Reconstruction

Chapter 38. Tracheoesophageal Fistula

Chapter 39. Slide Tracheoplasty

Chapter 40. Tracheoplasty

Chapter 41. Closure of Persistent Tracheal Stoma

Chapter 42. Autologous Tracheal Replacement

Chapter 43. Microvascular Reconstruction of Tracheal Defects

Chapter 44. Superior Vena Cava Resection/Reconstruction

Chapter 45. Extended Thoracic Resections with Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Chapter 46. Pulmonary Endarterectomy