Cleft Lip & Palate: From Origin to Treatment, 1st Edition


Chapter 1. Formation of the Primary Palate

Chapter 2.Palatogenesis: Closure of the Secondary Palate

Chapter 3.Genes Implicated in Lip and Palate Development

Chapter 4.The Orofacial Examination: Normal and Abnormal Findings

Chapter 5.Classification and Description of Nonsyndromic Clefts

Chapter 6.Syndromes with Orofacial Clefting

Chapter 7. Morphometric Characteristics of Subjects with Oral Facial Clefts and Their Relatives

Chapter 8.Craniofacicd Morphology and Growth in Infants and Young Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

Chapter 9. Methodological Issues in Epidemiological Studies of Oral Clefts

Chapter 10. Exposure Assessment in Studies of Oral Clefts

Chapter 11. Birth Defects Surveillance Systems and Oral Clefts

Chapter 12. Epidemiology of Oral Clefts: An International Perspective

Chapter 13. Environmental Risk Factors and Oral Clefts

Chapter 14. Maternal Nutrition and Oral Clefts

Chapter 15. Experimental Models for the Study of Oral Clefts

Chapter 16. The Human Genome Project

Chapter 17. Twin Studies in Oral Cleft Research

Chapter 18. Segregation analyses

Chapter 19. Mode of inheritance oral clefts

Chapter 20. Association studies

Chapter 21. Locating genes for oral clefts in humans

Chapter 22. Mapping studies in animal models

Chapter 23. Gene-Environment Interaction and Risk to Oral Clefts

Chapter 24. Developing a Cleft Palate or Craniofacial Team

Chapter 25. Health Care for Children with Cleft Lip and Palate: Comprehensive Services and Infant Feeding

Chapter 26. Staging of Cleft Lip and Palate Reconstruction: Infancy through Adolescence

Chapter 27. Evaluation and Management of Speech, Language, and Articulation Disorders

Chapter 28. Pediatric Dental Care

Chapter 29. Role of the Orthodontist in the Management of Patients with Cleft Lip and/or Palate

Chapter 30. Otolaryngologic Needs of Individuals with Oral Clefts

Chapter 31. Genetic Counseling and Interpretation of Risk Figures

Chapter 32. Psychological care of children with cleft lip and palate in the family

Chapter 33. International surgical missions

Chapter 34. Evidence-Based Care for Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

Chapter 35. Prevention of Oral Clefts through the Use of Folic Acid and Multivitamin Supplements: Evidence and Gaps

Chapter 36. Costs of Cleft Lip and Palate: Personal and Societal Implications

Chapter 37. Insurance and Coverage of Care

Chapter 38. Parents' Perspective on Cleft Lip and Palate

Chapter 39. Ethical Issues in the Care of Children with Craniofacial Conditions

Chapter 40. Translating Research Findings into Public Health Action and Policy

Chapter 41. Educating the Practitioner and the Public

Chapter 42. Innovations in International Cooperation for Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate