Porter & Schon: Baxter's The Foot and Ankle in Sport, 2nd ed.


The original volume of The Foot and Ankle in Sport by Don Baxter has become a widespread authority on the diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries to the foot and ankle. It is an ominous task to improve on this text. In fact, our attempt with the second edition is to update the already authoritative text and provide the same authoritative resource today.

We have decided to keep the basic format with sections on Athletic Evaluation, Sports Syndromes, Anatomic Disorders, Unique Problems in Sports and Dance and a section on shoewear, orthoses, and rehabilitation. We hope you have enjoyed this approach and find it helpful to your treatment of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

We have memorialized the chapter provided by the late Ken Johnson, MD, by having one of his former fellows compile this chapter. We have expanded the chapter on trauma to focus on the treatment of ankle fractures (both acute and stress), midfoot ligamentous injuries and occult fractures of the foot and ankle. We have included a chapter on the problematic stress fractures also. The section on ankle injuries has been focused more closely on ankle instability, ankle sprains, and their updated treatment. The chapter on the subtalar joint has been expanded and the ever elusive topic of subtalar instability has been addressed and hopefully clarified. We have added a chapter on new advances in the treatment of the foot and ankle. We have tried to focus more on the rehabilitation needs in the chapter on Unique Problems in Sports and Dance. We have also added a new chapter on the principles of rehabilition for the foot and ankle.

The advancements in treatment for athletic injuries to the foot and ankle have continued to explode. We have therefore updated each chapter to keep the clinician at the forefront of this exciting field. We have tried to keep the length similar so as to be an easy access for all health care providers. The field of sports medicine of the foot and ankle has become global in its scope, therefore the reader will note a more international flavor to the authorship of this edition.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the foot and ankle in sport. We have enjoyed working with our contributor friends and colleagues in the field of foot and ankle sports medicine. We have also enjoyed thinking of our readers and their needs and interests. We hope this edition meets all your interests, needs, and expectations.