An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 2 edition

About the Authors

David Westbrook is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and Director of Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC). Before training as a clinical psychologist he was a psychiatric nurse, eventually becoming the nurse in charge of a specialist behaviour therapy unit in London. This led on to an interest in cognitive therapy, which has included training from many of the world’s leading CBT therapists. He has been practicing CBT for over 25 years and currently works mostly in OCTC, doing training, supervision and research; the rest of the time he works as an NHS clinician, providing a service for patients with severe and complex problems. He is BABCP-accredited as a therapist, supervisor and trainer.

Helen Kennerley is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working in the NHS. Most of her time is dedicated to the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC), where she is the Director of its Advanced Cognitive Therapy Studies course and where she carries out CBT training and supervision. Her NHS clinical work is predominantly with survivors of childhood trauma. She has practiced CBT for over 25 years, having trained in Oxford and the US. She was a founder member of OCTC and has written several popular cognitive therapy self-help books. In 2002 she was shortlisted for the BABCP award for most influential female cognitive therapist in Britain. She is BABCP-accredited as a therapist, supervisor and trainer.

Joan Kirk is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and has been working clinically for over 40 years, having trained in Liverpool, Edinburgh and Oxford. Her original behavioural orientation gradually changed in the 1970s to a cognitive behavioural position. She was keen to spread the word and so supervised and taught enthusiastically, as well as doing research and writing. She was Head of Adult Clinical Psychology Services in Oxford for many years, and from there she developed the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre, and was its first Director. She left the NHS in 2004, and now works independently. Joan is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a BABCP-accredited therapist.