Trauma, 7th Ed.



CHAPTER 1. Kinematics

CHAPTER 2. Epidemiology

CHAPTER 3. Injury Prevention

CHAPTER 4. Trauma Systems, Triage, and Transport

CHAPTER 5. Injury Severity Scoring and Outcomes Research

CHAPTER 6. Acute Care Surgery

CHAPTER 7. Prehospital Care

CHAPTER 8. Disaster and Mass Casualty

CHAPTER 9. Rural Trauma

CHAPTER 10. Initial Assessment and Management

CHAPTER 11. Airway Management

CHAPTER 12. Management of Shock

CHAPTER 13. Postinjury Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

CHAPTER 14. Emergency Department Thoracotomy

CHAPTER 15. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

CHAPTER 16. Surgeon-Performed Ultrasound in Acute Care Surgery

CHAPTER 17. Principles of Anesthesia and Pain Management

CHAPTER 18. Infections

CHAPTER 19. Injury to the Brain


CHAPTER 21. Face

CHAPTER 22. Neck

CHAPTER 23. Vertebrae and Spinal Cord

CHAPTER 24. Trauma Thoracotomy: Principles and Techniques

CHAPTER 25. Lung, Trachea, and Esophagus

CHAPTER 26. Heart and Thoracic Vascular Injuries

CHAPTER 27. Trauma Laparotomy: Principles and Techniques

CHAPTER 28. Diaphragm

CHAPTER 29. Liver and Biliary Tract

CHAPTER 30. Injury to the Spleen

CHAPTER 31. Stomach and Small Bowel

CHAPTER 32. Duodenum and Pancreas

CHAPTER 33. Colon and Rectal Trauma

CHAPTER 34. Abdominal Vascular Injury

CHAPTER 35. Pelvis

CHAPTER 36. Genitourinary Trauma

CHAPTER 37. Trauma in Pregnancy

CHAPTER 38. Trauma Damage Control

CHAPTER 39. Upper Extremity

CHAPTER 40. Lower Extremity

CHAPTER 41. Peripheral Vascular Injury

CHAPTER 42. Alcohol and Drugs

CHAPTER 43. The Pediatric Patient

CHAPTER 44. The Geriatric Patient

CHAPTER 45. Ethics of Acute Care Surgery

CHAPTER 46. Social Violence

CHAPTER 47. Wounds, Bites, and Stings

CHAPTER 48. Burns and Radiation

CHAPTER 49. Temperature-Related Syndromes: Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, and Frostbite

CHAPTER 50. Organ Procurement for Transplantation

CHAPTER 51. Rehabilitation

CHAPTER 52. Modern Combat Casualty Care

CHAPTER 53. Genomics and Acute Care Surgery

CHAPTER 54. Trauma, Medicine, and the Law

CHAPTER 55. Principles of Critical Care

CHAPTER 56. Cardiovascular Failure

CHAPTER 57. Respiratory Insufficiency

CHAPTER 58. Gastrointestinal Failure

CHAPTER 59. Renal Failure

CHAPTER 60. Nutritional Support and Electrolyte Management

CHAPTER 61. Multiple Organ Failure


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