Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel, 8th Edition

Chapter 1. The hemodialysis team

Chapter 2. History of dialysis

Chapter 3. Basic chemistry of body fluids and electrolytes

Chapter 4. Renal physiology and the pathology of renal failure

Chapter 5. Clinical manifestations of chronic kidney disease

Chapter 6. Dialyzers, dialysate, and delivery systems

Chapter 7. Principles of hemodialysis

Chapter 8. Water treatment

Chapter 9. Dialyzer preparation and reprocessing

Chapter 10. Infection control

Chapter 11. Anticoagulation and heparin administration

Chapter 12. Access to the bloodstream

Chapter 13. Patient and machine monitoring and assessment

Chapter 14. Nutrition management

Chapter 15. Laboratory data: analysis and interpretation

Chapter 16. Diabetes and hemodialysis

Chapter 17. Medication problems and dialysis

Chapter 18. Acute kidney injury and dialysis

Chapter 19. Peritoneal dialysis and home dialysis therapies

Chapter 20. Transplantation

Chapter 21. Pediatric hemodialysis

Chapter 22. Chronic kidney disease in the elderly

Chapter 23. Psychosocial aspects of dialysis therapy

Chapter 24. Management of quality in dialysis care

Chapter 25. Basic math calculations

Chapter 26. Test taking guidelines